Samuel Schröder
Communication Designer

Surrealist Game:
Saul Goodman

Based on a surrealist game, this project explores the fictional character of Saul Goodman (aka James/Jimmy McGill) from the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul universe through questions such as: What would Saul be if he were a ... fruit? What’s his life philosophy? His spirit animal? What would he be if he were a domicile, a song?

Different facets of Saul’s character informed visual decision-making such as the overall tone of the system of cards, the typographic choice, color, image, text and texture. Saul as a character has quite dark and grim sides to him, as well as bright and quirky ones. Balancing those elements and communicating them was a fun challenge.

The end result were 12 (10x10 in) cards visually exploring the identity of Saul Goodman, or one possible perception of him.