Samuel Schröder
Communication Designer

Faith vs Reasoning

Faith vs Reasoning — a publication reflecting on my experience navigating a journey through ‘faith and reason’.

As part of my Publication Design class, I was able to take control of the content, overall narrative, and design; combining my love for type, image, layout design, print, and writing, and create a final piece that explores faith, questioning, doubt, reasoning, and my personal journey through those paths.

I took a “vs” approach, comparing and contrasting how faith-based and reason-based approaches tend to treat different subject matters. Explored topics include: Truth vs Truth, Reverence vs Free Thought, Utility vs Truth, Groupthink vs Reasoning, Afterlife vs End of Consciousness, Indoctrination vs Education, Purity Culture vs Education, Meaning vs Coincidence, Assurance vs Inquiry.

It was a rewarding experience diving into an intimate piece like this. Included are personal journal entries of mine that guide the viewer along the timeline. Beyond the highly individual nature of the piece, the viewer is encouraged to draw their own conclusions, and confront their own beliefs and potential biases.

Print, Publication